Fiksioner Movie Redesigned blogger template v4

fiksioner movie blogger template

Fiksioner movie is a redesign Blogger theme designed for movie bloggers, featuring a wide layout. Initially crafted for those who enjoy writing journals, personal experiences, or fiction, it has become versatile, suitable for various blog niches like news, tutorials, health, education, recipes, and more, But most suitable for movie blogs. 

Features of fiksioner movie blogger template 

  • Added dark mode, box and button outline elements.
  • Auto dark mode for better user experience
  • Movies thumbnail 9:16 layout
  • Customized colour
  • Added 2 grid popular posts 
  • Added Preconnnect meta tag for faster page loading.
  • Added expandable feature for Label and Archive widgets.
  • Added horizontal-scrolling table element.
  • Added TikTok icon in social media widget.
  • Improved lazy load performance for images.
  • Improved SEO friendliness of Header widget.
  • Changed font from Roboto to Noto Sans.
  • Redesigned blockquote and Twitter icon in social media widget.
  • Fixed slow dropdown menu on mobile view.
  • Removed unsupported email subscription widget.


Last word

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