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Jettheme Redesigned premium blogger template 2023

jettheme Redesigned premium blogger template September 2023


Template name Jettheme Redesign
Version 3.0
owner Nov
Redesigned by dhanjee Rider
price 500 rupees
Demo see bellow 👇🏻
purchase link buy now


Jet Theme is a very popular blogger theme. By using Jet Theme Redesign, you can get your blog ranked quickly, and it is very useful for getting AdSense approval. It is so fast-loading that its website loads in a second, and it is such a lightweight theme that people enjoy reading and navigating it.

Features of Redesign

  1. Multiple Gradient header background 
  2. 100% responsive to all device 
  3. 90+ Pagespeed Insight result in all pages 
  4. Unlimited labels wise post 🆕
  5. Gradient footer background 
  6. Fontawesome lazyload cdn added 🆕
  7. Pinned post option with full image 
  8. Dark mode feature with extra black background and color optimization 
  9. Newsletter for email notifications
  10. Footer social media section (YouTube + Telegram)
  11. Back to top arrow button
  12. Four adsense ad in between posts
  13. Custom POPULAR post slider with image and title 
  14. Full thumbnail image size for popular posts and recent posts
  15. No need to add Gtag or AdSense script on head for showing ads just put Ads.Txt and Gtag number in setting and all done ✅
  16. Images click disabled; no one can download your website images
  17. Ui mobile menu with external share, WhatsApp contact, Telegram chat, and back to top icon
  18. YouTube-type thin scrollable menu on the home page
  19. Google Translate button in posts
  20. Blue tick on copyright text
  21. Custom follow buttons for Telegram, YouTube, Google News
  22. Decreased menu width for easy accessibility

New Features in Version 2 (2024)

  1. 2 or 3 Column post on desktop 🖥️
  2. Transition added in mobile menu
  3. Header and footer social and dark icon size increased
  4. New Google Translate button added 🆕
  5. Lazyload YouTube videos 📷
  6. Safelink generator and auto safelink 
  7. Code box features 
  8. Gradient buttons added 🆕

Features of new jettheme Redesigned premium blogger template 

1. Gradient Header background colour and look 👇

Header of jettheme Redesigned premium blogger template

2. YouTube type Scroll Menu with lazyload fontawesome icons 👇

Menu of jettheme Redesigned premium blogger template

3. Single post card look of jettheme Redesigned blogger template 

Post card of jettheme Redesigned premium blogger template

4. Translate button and image shadow styling for being beautiful look post Header is updated in 2024

Translate button and image styling of jettheme Redesigned premium blogger template

5. Decreased menu width for easy to access all elements and added heart click effect,means when user touched on site different colours heart ❤️ 💜 are being visible 

Menu and heart click effect of jettheme Redesigned premium blogger template

6. Explained mobile menu icons functions

Mobile menu features of jettheme Redesigned premium blogger template

7. Popular posts or recent posts post card design with full width thumbnail image 

Popular and recent Post card design of jettheme Redesigned premium blogger template

8. Safelink demo when user clicked on shorten link

Safelink of jettheme Redesigned premium blogger template

9. Safelink loading process look 

Safelink loading of jettheme Redesigned premium blogger template

Safelink genretor pop-up 

10. Some clarification 

This theme is totally premium iff you want to buy theme then contact me on telegram or WhatsApp by mobile menu icons 

# NOTE - i can not provide free ❌ bicose i have spend much time in jettheme codes

Buy by chat

Demo link 

👉🏻 Chek previous post on customization and some codes

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