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3 colourfull mobile menu for blogger


K'mobile menu for blogger website

Mobile menu is very important for the website. If your website has a lot of content or if you want to interact with your users, then the mobile menu keeps your entire content at the bottom side from where many people can access it. Or if you want, you can turn on or off any function of your theme by adding a function to it.

Today we have brought for you a car type mobile menu in which there are many colors and after effects, with the help of which people will have a lot of fun tokuching or using it and it looks very beautiful.

Mobile menus come in many types, some are on the top, some are opened with a toggle and this is our menu which is slide type, meaning that if you slide up, it will be hidden and if you slide up then it will be hidden . , If you slide down from the page, it starts showing, then in this way the user can read his articles in full screen without any interruption and if he wants, he can also access them in your mobile by sliding from the bottom. You can add any functions of your theme from the link

How to add a mobile menu to your site

So let's know how to setup a mobile theme. To setup a mobile theme, first of all you have to insert its HTML code below the body type of your theme or if you want, you can also insert it inside your closed body type because whatever code you want to display on the body, that is, if you want to display it on the website, you have to insert it in the middle of the body type. You can insert it anywhere but you have to insert it inside the body type and do not insert it inside any open type, otherwise it will be printed somewhere else in the background, so we consider it better that you paste it below where the body starts . ,

After that comes the turn of CSS, whenever you add a code, it should be placed above the close head, there its experience is very good that any code which loads from the bottom starts from your head tag and whatever code you put in this tag . , gets loaded first, so your code gets done quickly and the code never slows down the speed of your website.  

After that comes the js code. Whenever you insert the js code, insert it above the body, ie above the close body. If your GS is at the bottom, then it loads last, due to which the speed of your website remains quite good. So, we have not done much in this. We have done some work in the mobile menu, which we will give you below.

Bonus thing - I am giving this mobile menu code, you can also put all these HTML, CSS and JS codes together by adding a gadget in the layout and add HTML JavaScript to it, it will work anyway.  

New and colorful mobile menu

We have kept the background of this mobile menu gradient and the color of its icons has been kept white so that it attracts many people and increases your visit time.

mobile menu

Normal Mobile Menu

We have not given much thought in making this mobile, just gave it a normal white color by giving it an order and background, if you don't tolerate too much glitter or color then you can do this

Normal Mobile Menu

Dark Mode Mobile Menu 

You can understand it as dark mod type because in this we have made some dark background and satellites and when you click on its icon, it goes a little to the top and in its background there is a green color pop up type after effect. It comes which looks amazing

Dark Mobile Menu

how to download 

Friends, it took about 2-3 hours to make this mobile menu, hence you will have to pay only ₹ 10 for this mobile menu, for our hard work.

And you will get the download link of your code on your Telegram which you will give at the time of payment. 
Thank you! 

Last word

In this post we will provided information about 3 colourfull mobile menu for blogger, If you enjoy this post, kindly share it with your friends. For any queries, feel free to join our Telegram channel, where we share exclusive and informative content. Many valuable tips are exclusively available on our Telegram channel. Stay updated with your favorite source, DK Technozone.

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