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Blogger settings A to z information become a pro blogger

Bloggers Settings: A to z knowledge 

Blogger settings A to z information become a pro blogger


Blogging is a great medium to express your thoughts, and if you are a new blogger, you must understand the importance of setting up your blog. In this article we will tell you about all the important options of Blogger's settings.

let me introduce the options available in blogger settings 

1. Blog title

It is your site name, you can chenge anytime but don't change regularly bicouse it can disturb your rankings in Google 


Brief Introduction:  When you write a good summary of your blog, a good description is also necessary. In this you have to express the main objective of your blog in 500 words.

Blog language 

Choice of Language:  According to your target audience, blog language has to be chosen carefully. If you are hindi language writer then choose hindi for your website it helps in ranking your content in targeted language and country 

Google Analytics Measurement ID

Google Analytics Measurement ID:  It is important to use Google Analytics to measure traffic to your blog. Add Measurement ID to blog settings to show you website visitors in Google analytics dashboard 


Use of Favicon: it is visible on search results if anyone search your keywords on Google, simply it is your site icon which helps to build a image in your visitors mind 

Visible data for search engines

Make it visible to search engines:  Don't forget to select 'Yes' to make your blog visible to search engine it is automatically sets on visible iff you are not want to show your blog on Google you can untick but if you want to rank then leave it default 

Blog Address

Blog Address:  it is your site link, Be careful about the blog address, make it unique and short and never chenge it when your choosen one time 

Custom Domain

Use of Custom Domain:  It is very important to use custom domain to make the blog professional. And it helps easy to rank on top results on Google 

HTTPS Redirect

HTTPS Redirect:  To keep the blog secure, use HTTPS and use redirect. It is only used when you are adding custom domain to your blog

Blog Admins and Authors

Blog Admins And Authors:  Use this option to manage blog admins and authors. Iff you want to invite any writer or developer to make your website beautifull and working you can invite them by adding there email and then you can make them admin to provide full control on developers to manage your blog and if anyone want to write in your blog you can provide author permission it is enough to add new post in your blog by any other people

Note - don't give admin access to writer it is your responsibility

Pending Author Invites

Pending Author Invites:  If you have invited someone to become a blog author, thy wait for their response and when you confirmed they can write post as author.

Invite More Authors

Invite more authors:  Expand the blog by adding more authors and writers.

Reader Access

Reader Access:  iff you want to show any specific email to show your blog then you can use it

Max Posts Shown On Main Page

Maximum number of posts to be shown on the main page:  Specify the number of posts to be shown on the main page in some case blogger can't show more than 20 post on homepage due speed and loading issues.

Image Lightbox

Image Lightbox:  Use lightbox to open your blog images in a small popup 

Lazy Load Images

Lazy Load Images:  To increase the loading speed of the blog, load images lazy, it helps to increase site speed and performance.

WebP Image Serving

WebP Image Serving: convert all .jpg and .png format images to .webp to decrease the loading time.

Who Can Comment?

Who has the right to comment:  Who is allowed to comment on the blog, please specify the appropriate settings.

Comment Moderation

Comment Moderation:  Use moderation to monitor comments like when comment moderation is on all comments are published when you approve from comment section.

Invite People To Post Notifications

Invite people for post notifications:  Invite readers to get notified for new posts of the blog.

Time Zone

Time Zone:  Set the time zone according to your location if you are from india choose Kolkata time 5:30.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags:  Use meta tags keeping the main words in mind for search engines and ranking of your blog it is a short discription shown in search results below your site name.

Search Description

Search Description:  it enables to Write search description for every post, so must turn on this to find search discription option in post writing time.

Custom 404

Custom 404 Error Page:  If any page or post is not received, then use custom 404 text you can also write in hindi, it shows when anybody landed on broken post url which are not available on your site and then your 404 custom massege will show 

Custom Redirects

Custom Redirects:  Use custom redirects to redirect broken link to other post or home page you need to remove domain name before adding in redirect and write / if you want to redirect broken link to home page automatically 

Crawlers And Indexing

Crawlers and Indexing:  helps to manage the googlebot to see your site and site content 

Custom Robots.txt

Custom Robots.txt:  Specify specific settings for what type of content search engines should index, iff you not want to show pages in search results you can disallow it easily by managing robot.txt

Google Search Console

Google Search Console:  Use Google Search Console to track search performance.


Monetization:  To earn from the blog, configure the monetization settings correctly.

Custom Ads.txt

Custom Ads.txt:  Advertisers will use custom ads.txt to show ad and verify your blog in AdSense.

Import Content

Import Content:  Use this option to import content from other blogger it heps to publish bulc post in a second.

Back Up Content

Content Backup:  It is very important to take regular backup to keep your blog post page and media safe.

Media From Your Blog

Use of media from blog:  Make good use of the media files of your blog.

Remove Your Blog

Deleting the blog:  If necessary, use the option to delete the blog it can be temporary and permanent and if your blog deleted permanent it not recoverable.

Title And Enclosure Links

Title and enclosure links:  mainly it helps to embed links below the post by filling in post writing time .

Use Blogger Draft

Use of Blogger Draft:  Use draft while writing a post, so that you can edit it later.

Edit Profile

Profile Edit :  it is a profile by blogger you can add your image hoby discription, favorite films, books, location, e-mail and may more information about you and your work


So in this post we covered all blogger settings in detail if you have still problem in customization them comment below we willl solve 

Last word

In this post we will provided information about Blogger settings A to z information become a pro blogger , If you enjoy this post, kindly share it with your friends. For any queries, feel free to join our Telegram channel, where we share exclusive and informative content. Many valuable tips are exclusively available on our Telegram channel. Stay updated with your favorite source, DK Technozone.

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