How to add gradient background in labels

 Adding a gradient background to Jettheme's lebels

How to add gradient background in labels


To apply a gradient background to a specific element, you need to add CSS styling to change its color.

 Here's a simple method to achieve this for Jettheme.

 First, navigate to your theme and click on 'Customize.'

 In the customization options, click on Advanced then 'Add CSS' and paste the following CSS code.

 .item-tag a{background: linear-gradient(135deg,#ff1a75 0%,#7d2ae8 40%,#00c4cc 95%);;padding:5px 9px;color:#fff !important;border-radius: 1px 100px / 120px;margin-right:3px; font-weight:500;}

 You can choose your desired background color by editing the two hex values. 

Note:- This customization is specific to Jettheme blogger template 

Must do

After adding the CSS, save it, and refresh your website. Your gradient background for the specified level should now be applied.

Last word

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