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Mobile menu for blogger website

 How to add floating mobile menu in blogger website 

The mobile menu in Blogger, or any website or blogging platform, offers several benefits. Here are some advantages of having a mobile menu on a Blogger website

Mobile menu for blogger website

Step by step guide for adding mobile menu 

  • This code is not work properly without fontawesome script go on fontawesome lazyload post and paste the lazyload code in your theme now come here 
  • Go to your blogger theme then edit html
  • Paste this code above close body </body>
  • Go to layout options and paste this code in a HTML javascript gadget anywhere or you can use it in sidebar
  • Iff the code make space on blog you can paste this where you are pasting ad code in advertisment widget
  • Save this and visit your blog 
  • Now you have successfully inplanted mobile menu in your blogger website 

Benifits of mobile menu in blogger website 

1. Important features 

  1. Auto hide when scrolling down the page that help to enjoy full page post without any floating items 
  2. Easy to access top of side by one click
  3. Easy to join telegram group or WhatsApp chat
  4. Easy to share your post in external apps like whatsapp fb 
  5. When user Scroll down the widget are automatically hidden
  6. But when he want to scroll up it visible for user in your website 

2. Improved User Experience

Mobile menus enhance the overall user experience by providing a convenient and intuitive way for visitors to navigate through your blog on their mobile devices. It allows users to easily access different sections and pages of your website, improving their engagement and reducing the chances of them leaving due to difficulty in navigation.

3. Responsive Design

Mobile menus are designed to adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions. They ensure that your blog remains responsive and accessible on mobile devices, offering a seamless browsing experience to visitors regardless of the device they are using.

4. Space Optimization

The limited screen space on mobile devices requires efficient use of available real estate. Mobile menus usually appear as a collapsible or hidden section, taking up less space on the screen. This allows you to allocate more space to your blog content, making it the focal point for readers.

5. Easy Navigation

 With a mobile menu, visitors can quickly and easily navigate to different sections of your blog. It typically includes a drop-down or slide-out list of menu items, enabling users to access various pages, categories, or tags with just a few taps or swipes.

6. Consistency

Using a mobile menu ensures consistency in your website's navigation across different devices. Visitors who switch between desktop and mobile versions of your blog will have a familiar navigation experience, reducing confusion and improving usability.

7. Increased Accessibility

 Mobile menus make your blog more accessible to users with disabilities or impairments. They can rely on assistive technologies or screen readers to navigate through the menu items and access the desired content on your blog.

8. Enhanced SEO

 Mobile-friendliness is a crucial factor for search engine optimization (SEO). Having a mobile menu in your Blogger website ensures that it meets the requirements of search engines for mobile-friendly design, potentially improving your search rankings and organic traffic.

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Overall, the mobile menu in Blogger offers a range of benefits, including improved user experience, responsive design, efficient space utilization, easy navigation, consistency, increased accessibility, and potential SEO advantages.

Last word

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