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All information about Lightroom app and there tools

Welcome to Light Room's biggest Hindi tutorial blog..

Here we tell you how to use Lightroom, how to use its tools and effects.

First of all what is lightroom

Lightroom is a photo editing app or you can say that it is necessary for anyone who has a camera to have the Lightroom app on their phone as well. 
Or if you use PC or if you have DSLR then it is very important for you to have a light room at this time so that you can give different life to your photos. 
lightroom all in one tutorial in hindi

A few words about Lightroom -

Lightroom Adobe has created an app which gives you the software for PC as well. On Play Store you will get Lightroom version of 101 MB and if you go to PC then you will get the version of 2GB to 3GB. 

RAW photo editing and clicking facility

In Light Room you can also edit your RAW photos, which are taken by any camera, which are in DNG format, many editors do not support HD photos of DNG format in their editors. You can, but you get this feature in Lightroom, the world's most unique photo and video editor, which comes with its own set of powerful presets for applying filters to photos that maintain the background color. That will give a different look to your photo or as you say, it will give a professional look. 

lightroom latest version 

Lightroom is currently running 9.0 wet, which was updated on October 5, 2023 and has over 100 million downloads, for which Reward claims that Android 8 means it can run on Kids 8.

how is the lightroom camera

If I say in my words, Lightroom's camera is 2 times better than your camera because in this you get many professional tools with which you can draw your photo in different ways or draw it in different drawings and the biggest thing is that in this you will talk about more HD images as per your standard camera and that too in very big size and good resolution 

Why use Lightroom?

Most people use Lightroom only to maintain the color in the background because in this you can manipulate every color or you can say you can use every color as per your wish. In this you get red, blue and these are the three colors on which you can get your hold but the best color if you want to edit in Lightroom is green.

Green because it has a rich color, a different kind of blue and red tone, looks like a different color in the photo when viewed in your color.

How to Send to the Lightroom Mobile App

For this you have three methods, first of all you can login with your adobe account if you have already created one, otherwise you can create it from there
After that, if you want, you can sign in with your Facebook account or Google account or if you have an Apple account, you can do it with that too. If you don't have that, you can sign in using your Gmail. There is a slight delay in the sign in process and some of your data is taken. After that, your sign in process is over. 
And you will be directed to the dashboard where you can see all your photos.

Here you get to see three sections at the bottom in which you get the option of Lightroom Gallery and Community 
Lightroom section means that all the photos you have edited or added to your Lightroom will come in the Lightroom area. 
In the gallery area it will show random photos from your gallery on top so that you can edit it without importing it. When you edit it will go to the imported area. After that 
In this community , you can share your photos, give reactions on them or upload your photos on it and get them edited by someone else. 
I am saying this because when you remix a photo, it is someone else's photo. Even if you post your photo, people will remix it there and you will get two-three edited profile photos without any expense.

Lightroom's Remix feature 

The feature of Remix has come in Light Room a few days ago in which you can upload your photos, edit them and show your artwork to people and you can download it and save it in your gallery, this will benefit you, benefit them and also benefit everyone.

Premium and Free Lightroom

See, as you know that if you take premium then you can use all its tools in which you are given selective tool, masking tool and many more premium presets of Lightroom but if you use it for free, then You will not be able to use the premium light presets and you will not be able to use the selective tool or A-related tools. You will not be able to add dimension to your photos and you will not be able to use the masking and healing tools on your photos.
In the next block, we will tell you how you can use its premium features for free, but for now let's move on to the free Lite Room.

What do you get in free Lightroom? 

Nothing is free in the world but in Lightroom you get many things for free with the help of which you can create amazing color combinations in your photos. People say that you should take Lightroom premium but right now I am using the free version of Lightroom. Now you will ask how, I will tell you that the selective tool or masking tool can be used to work on a selected area, if there is no error of excessive blackness and brightness in your photos. So you can edit your photos well even with the free Lightroom. 
You get many tools in the free Lightroom which we are describing in detail below.

All about Crop and Rotate tools in Lightroom

In crop and rotate tool, you get to see different types of tools in which you get a premium tool named geometry with the help of which you can move back half the oblique or forward part of your photo, but today we are talking about free. If you are doing this then first of all comes the expectation ratio. On this you can divide your photo in some ratio like the size of thumbnail of YouTube is the size of the square of Instagram post. If you see the shot of Tiktok or YouTube then it has 9 :16 is received, then through receive maintenance, it will crop your photo as per your requirement, it cuts a limited radio and gives it to you, that is, it cuts the photo into perfect fibers and gives it to you. After that, Strength: In this you can straighten your photos in one click. Suppose your photo is crooked, then you can straighten it in one click. By clicking on it again, it will automatically straighten it. After that, Flip tool means that your photo can be straightened in one click. Will flip from side to side either you can do it horizontally or you can do it vertically

Full details of Adjust Tool

  1. In the Adjust tool, first of all you get an auto which in one click will add all the colors in your photos which are required for a photo to look good, in other words, it edits the photo normally in one click.
  2. By using the Light tool, you can increase the brightness or exposure of your photo. 
  3.  Contrast means you can add a black tone which is HD and you can add a slightly blurred tone which is smooth. 
  4.  Then there's a   highlight , with the help of which you can bring light to your face or bring shadow to your face. 
  5.  After that, there is side shadow which is a kind of tool with the help of which you can increase or decrease the brightness of the black part of your photo. Suppose if you are not able to see the back door which is in the dark, then you can increase its brightness a little by increasing the shadow. So this is how much brightness of the shadow you want to keep. You don't get to see only this much in the light tool. 
  6. It has a white school option which means it can blur or highlight the white parts in your photo. 
  7. Along with that there is also a black tool in which you can whiten the black part of your photos or make the black part blacker.
  8.  After that, there is another tool named curve , with the help of which you can lighten and brighten the selected colors of your photo or add darkness to it, that too according to the angle, if you want, then do it in the top corner only with the help of Brightness can be increased or decreased and can be removed depending on the situation.
  9.  Along with that, you are getting a new feature in it which is HDR support. Suppose your photo has become a little blurry, then you can add quality to it with the help of HDR support. When you turn on HDR support, your photo starts looking clear.

Complete information about Lightroom Color Tool

Color tool is a very good tool, in this you get to play with many things. First of all, if you look at the top, there is a black and white option with the help of which you can convert your photo into totally black and white, but this is not a color option, so we leave it. If you want, you can make your photo black and white from here.
First is the temperature , which means that if you increase it, your photo will have a yellow tone or you can say it will behave like a little sunlight and if you reduce it, coolness will come or you can say it will look like a blue tone is running in your photo.

Talking about Tint , it is a fun property of photos with the help of which you can add pink and hair color tone to your photos.
With the help of Vibrance tool, you can make your colorful text more colorful. Suppose you have taken a photo of yourself in front of a tree, then you can make its leaf more necklace. With the help of Vibrance tool, the green text can be converted into light green. which will look shiny
Seturation tool is a kind of color tool, which means that all the situations, when you increase the situation, all the colors start increasing in bright colors together, which means that their brightness starts increasing, if you extrapolate the situation, then you will increase the whole color in your photos, whole color means the entire color, all the colors in the photo will be read with all the colors, but if you want to maintain one color, its color, its situation, its brightness, then for that we will use color mixing.

what is color grading in light room

By color grading in Lightroom, you can maintain the colors of all your photos or in other words, you can play with the color paint of all your photos and give it a professional look.
Color grading means the shade or shadow of the color, that is, you can paint its shadow on your face, you can paint it on your background

How Lightroom's Color Mix tool works

In the Color Mix tool, you can maintain the temperature, tint and vibration of all the colors of your photo. Many people use it for the same purpose in Lightroom because in this you can increase or decrease all the properties of all the colors to create vibrant colors in your photos. parties can

In the color tool of Lightroom, you are given a combination of pink, green and yellow colors so that you can edit every color in every way and you are also given color buttons in it that how you can choose which color, so let us tell you which buttons you can use to make your photos lively in color mix.

How to liven up and beautify your photos using Lightroom's Color Mix tool

The first color in the color mix tool of Lightroom is pink color. Pink color means that your vote or if you are wearing a pink colored shirt, then all the color is of that color and if you increase its hue , then you will get some yellow color tone and if you work with it like this, then you will get to see a lipstick color i.e. pink color tone on your lips. Many people use it to apply lipstick in their photos.

The second button is very important because it is the color of your face . You will find it in dark yellow color which is at number two. With its help, you can reduce the brightness of your face or its luminance by a lot . And being a pro photo editor, I would like to tell you that first of all you get the option of HUI in it, which you should not touch at all , otherwise you will get green and red color scattered on the face of your photo. There are two things in it, one is situation and the other is luminance. You can reduce the situation by half and if you increase the luminance a little, then you will see light and a little bright color on your face, that is, if you are dark or black, then you will get to see fair skin.

In the third color button, you get yellow color, with the help of which you can make the yellow color of the background of your photo darker or you can make it bright yellow by increasing its situation. In most cases, this color is also included in the case of trees, meaning that if there is an old tree in your background whose color is yellow, then you can give it a yellow color by increasing the luminance and increasing the situation and if you want to add darkness, then you can decrease the luminance.

At number four is green color which is used to enhance the color of trees in your background and to make it light color. If you want, you can also make it light yellow by reducing its hue.

Cyan color comes at number five and in most of the cases it is the color of the sky . If you want to change something in the sky and make it blue , then if you increase its position then it will become blue but the next color is also blue.

At number 6, you get blue color with the help of which you can change the color of your sky . Both these colors are used to change the color of blue sky and also if you are wearing blue colored kurta. So this is icing on the cake for you because you can make it new by making the situation bigger and blue.

The seventh color is dark pink which many girls use when they wear frocks , they use it for color grading and in some cases, this color matches your skin color as well, so you can give a fair look to your photos by reducing its position and increasing the luminosity.

The last and eighth color is pink color . Suppose if your lips are not getting cured with pink color then you can pink your lips by doing this. For this you have to increase the situation and reduce HUA. have to pay

And with this, you get a tool named Scroll to Adjust in front of the color mix, which is a round color, with the help of this you can maintain your situation luminance and HIV by moving it up and down on your photo or in other words by long pressing and moving all its details up and down.

Lightroom's blur tool

You will get this tool only in premium, with the help of which you can add a dangerous blur in the background of your photos, which makes your photos look very professional. It seems as if it has been taken with a DSLR or an expensive camera, but by doing this, you can make your photos look very professional. You can also add DSLR blue to photos taken with your phone.

Complete information about effect tool

Effect tool in Lightroom is a very good tool which is used to make your photo high resolution or HD. 
First of all, you  get a texture tool in it
With the texture tool of Lightroom, you can add HD texture or in other words, increase the edge in your photos. If you try it on a stone, then all the cracks of the stone will become visible and if you try it on your face, then the entire parade of skin will become visible on your face and that too in full HD if you turn it to full.

In the clarity tool, you can increase the clarity of your photos, but if you increase it too much, it starts darkening your photos, so if you want, you can increase it a little and add clarity to your photos.
By using the Dehaze tool, you can make your photos HD or in other words, you can make them extra HD with high resolution. I myself use this in my photos. When I reshape my photos, I also enlarge them, which makes the photos bigger.

Detail Tool In the detail tool, you get the option of sharpening, noise reduction and color noise

Serpenting means that you can clean the parts of your photos or you can say that like a knife has a sharp edge, then all the parts of your face like hair will be shown in full HD.

Noise reduction means that if there is some problem with your camera then you will see colored dots on your face, but if you increase its noise reduction then those dots or in other words the colored colors disappear from your face, this mostly happens if you take a photo with a DSLR, so a little noise reduction has to be increased in it and noise reduction is the only tool for smoothing, which you get in the free version, you can also smoothen your photos by increasing its volume, but the quality decreases a little

The last tool is  color noise. By mistake, I told you in the previous one that noise does not maintain the color, but color noise is that when you click a photo with a DSLR, then you get color noise in it, those small colorful dots on your face, color noise is used to remove them. In noise reaction, you can only make it smooth, but in color noise, you can also remove its color, which is imposed on your face by the camera by default.

Within this also you get the amount of radius detail and masking . Amount means how much amount of detailing you want to add to your photo. Radius means that if you are adding it, then how many radius means. At what distance you are adding it and detailing means how much power you need in your photo and masking means that if you have added it then if you mask it then it will not make the sides a little smoother in your photos.

How to do it with Lightroom's premium tools

In the premium tool of Lightroom, you get the option of first selection with the help of which you can select your background or your object through AI so that you will be able to edit your object or background in a different way or change the color in it properly. You will be able to maintain it, in this you get the option of brush, you get the option of green radial and you get the option of a shadow or you get the option of liner gradient, so I would say that you should use the brush as much as possible if you want to give color to the clouds. So do it with liner and if you want to give color on the face then do it with gradient. This makes it easier for you to color it or select it. Otherwise, Eye has an automatic tool so you can select the entire body with it and add color to your clothes. And after removing the effect from hair, you can apply it on your face.

In the masking tool, you get two tools, firstly you can copy the structure of one place to another place and the second is with the help of which you can make your pimples disappear, which we know as healing tool. What the healing tool does is that it replaces the smooth part of your photo with the pimple text and removes the pits or small spots of blackness from your photo.

Tricks when saving photos in Lightroom 

After clicking on export, you get the option of included watermark with the help of which you can place your people or your copyright tax anywhere on the top, bottom or middle of the photo, in this you get the option to set the alignment and You also get the option to set its size and even you can maintain its capacity as to how much was seen and how much was not seen. After that if you share then you will get proper format and original format and JPG and page format AVP. You also get the option to export in the format, with the help of which you can share your photo to create such a project or create a preset of it.
So this was a complete guide to use the tools of Lightroom with the help of which you will become props of your Lightroom. In this we have done all the tools well which will be helpful in editing your photos well.

: ... 

So this complete guide is about your Light Room tutorial in which we have told you the tutorial of all the tools of Light Room and the complete way to do its tutorial.
Now if your Lightroom photo is edited then share it, with time you will get to see three to four placements in which you can display your artwork
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Last word

In this post we will provided information about All information about Lightroom app and there tools, If you enjoy this post, kindly share it with your friends. For any queries, feel free to join our Telegram channel, where we share exclusive and informative content. Many valuable tips are exclusively available on our Telegram channel. Stay updated with your favorite source, DK Technozone.

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