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AdSense bombing: how to Stop invalid clicks on ads by user

how to Stop invalid clicks on ads by user or bots

Hii guys nowday blloging is too dificult for new bloggers who they can work on there blog and take AdSense approvel for a source of income but in this time most of the AdSense account is banned by some invalid clicks by other person or by using the software and bots

But don't vary today i am come with a very helpful script to prevent invalid clicks on your website,

AdSense bombing: how to Stop invalid clicks on ads by user

How to use AdSense click bomb script to prevent ad Clicks 

I have provide a code that works on jQuery and this AdSense bombing script will helps to hide ads when use click on two times in your website ads 

Now we will see how to implant these code on blogger theme

You can use this code in any blogger template it works on all blogger template as well as wordpress

  1. First download the txt script file in your phone or pc
  2. Open this file by using text editor or HTML veiwer you can use trebedit app avlable on Play Store
  3. Copy the jQuery code and paste on your THEME under head tag or you can paste above <head> tag the jQuery help to run this code smoothly
  4. Now go on txt file and copy all scripts i mean 2 script 🌝 and above </body> tag 
  5. Now save your theme
  6. If you want to chek it is working or not copy this cheking code it is made on ins class that look like ad but it is a photo
  7. So ad this photo html in your layout anywhere you want 🕺 or you can add a gadget on Sidebar for better performance 🙂
  8. Now save your HTML javascript gadget on layout and see your blog 
  9. You will se a image with ad banner this script made by that is a indonesian blogger that makes this script so credit goes to and i am writing this blog in English to make acceceble for Indian people nothing anything,
  10. So now you have added your image so go on your website and click 2 times on image you will redirected on Google link come and click third time
  11. And now your click in not working 🙂
  12. And all ads will hidden for you 
  13. Ads are automatically shoe after 5 hours 
  14. So that is help to stop 🛑 invalid clicks on your website ads 

Download script txt file

<script src=''/>

☝️jQuery code for head tag

Iff it is helpful, share with your Blloger friend who facing high ctr issue on there blog thank you

Credit of codes goes to which provides large numbers of blogger widgets

Now if you don't know what is bombing so see this 

What is AdSense bombing 

AdSense bombing refers to the unethical practice of deliberately clicking on advertisements displayed through Google AdSense with the intention to manipulate ad metrics, generate invalid clicks, or harm competitors. It involves artificially inflating ad clicks in an attempt to increase revenue or disrupt the advertising campaigns of others.

AdSense bombing is a form of click fraud, which is considered a violation of Google's AdSense program policies. Click fraud undermines the integrity of online advertising by distorting performance metrics and potentially deceiving advertisers who pay for each click on their ads.

Google has implemented sophisticated systems and algorithms to detect and prevent click fraud, including AdSense bombing. These systems monitor click patterns, user behavior, and various other metrics to identify suspicious activity and protect advertisers from fraudulent practices.

Engaging in AdSense bombing or any form of click fraud can have severe consequences, including account suspension, termination, loss of earnings, and even legal repercussions. It is crucial to maintain ethical practices when participating in online advertising programs and respect the guidelines set by the platforms you use.

Last word

In this post we will provided information about AdSense bombing: how to Stop invalid clicks on ads by user, If you enjoy this post, kindly share it with your friends. For any queries, feel free to join our Telegram channel, where we share exclusive and informative content. Many valuable tips are exclusively available on our Telegram channel. Stay updated with your favorite source, DK Technozone.

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