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Friends, to use it, you just have to add it to your Lightroom and it will be ready to be applied on all the photos. Friends, you may face some difficulty in downloading the preset, so read this article thoroughly so that you can understand that. How to apply Lightroom preset on your photo. Meanwhile, in Lightroom preset, we are giving you the profile file which will come in the profile tool instead of the preset tool, which will give an amazing look to your photo in a single click. Due to its very small size, it gets easily applied in your phone. Lightroom preset is an xmp file which has a virus type question mark in small size.

To run Lightroom, you must have a mobile phone with at least 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, whose processor is good, such as Octa Core MediaTek Helio and Snap Dragon, then Lightroom runs very well. Lightroom is an app
that Gives you the opportunity to tease all the details given in your photo,
this is the result of a very big technology named Adobe Creative which is the biggest design company and many of its apps run. 

Lightroom is giving good updates nowadays like the update with Artificial Intelligence, so you can blur the background of your photo, you can maintain the details of your photo by finding it completely with the selective tool, although the selective tool is available in the Pro app. No
, but you will definitely get this mode in APK. If you want to do pro editing then I would like to tell you that you should use the premium mode of Lightroom which helps you in becoming a pro editor.

Lightroom is a very good app with the single help of which you can give an amazing look to your photo, so to download this preset you have to click on the download button given below, after that it will take you to Google Drive from there. You can download a Lightroom preset preset file, after that you can extract it
and after that you can put it in the folder of your Lightroom and apply it on your photo. The folder of Lightroom is something like this where you will find it. Files have to be pasted,
first you have to select all the xmp preset files.

How to import or import Lightroom presets into Lightroom?

1) File Manager
2) Android
3) Data
5) files
6) carouselDocuments
7) 00000000⁰00
8) Profiles
9) settings
10) UserStyles
  paste here

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Download 2000 lightroom presetdownload


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