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How to download Instagram photos and videos in hd

How to save others Instagram photos to gallery। Download Instagram photo full size।

Friends, today we are going to tell you how you can download all the photos and videos of any INSTAGRAM. 

How to download Instagram photos and videos directly to gallery How to download Instagram photos

How to download Instagram posts and stories and everything. 

  Friends, you know that we do not get the option to download directly from Instagram in any post or DP, so what should we do to download it, Instagram does not want you to download its photos. That is why today I have brought
a site for you which will download all your Instagram videos, photos and reels in HD quality for free. If you are a computer user, then there is an extension for you which will give you the videos of all your Instagram profiles. And the audio will be downloaded in one click and that too in a zip file which you can easily extract and extract all the photos and videos.

But if you are an Android user , then for this you just have to open your Chrome browser and go to the story or by clicking on this link, you can go to the site from where you can view the photos and videos of any profile. You can download videos.
Yes, friends, you can download videos, deals and highlights of any profile, whether it is public or private. From this site, you just have to download whose video or story you want. You have to click on 3dot from there and copy its link as shown below. 

 And by going to this website you have to paste it, in this you get the option to download many things like you can download this DP in full HD and not DP , you can download videos, reels, highlights, IGTV
videos all from this site. The name is Instafinsta๐Ÿ‘ˆ .

If you want, you can also go to DownloadGram 's site and download any story or Instagram photos by following these steps.

1. Open Instagram on your phone and find the image or story you want to download.

2. Tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the image and select Copy Link.

3. Visit DownloadGram's site at Downloadgram

4. Paste the link into the text box in site

5. Select the Download Now.

You can download many things of Instagram by visiting this site and if?

If you want to find only story downloader which can easily download your stories and others' stories, then for that we have given a link of the site below whose name is storysaver,  it gives you only story download but it is also the easiest. And you won't have to see many ads in it.

I would suggest you to use Story Saver only because it is very easy. In case of instafinsta, instafinsta provides more features but you will also see more ads in it.

 Following are the steps to download Instagram story in Storysarver .

1. First copy the link of the story you want to download.
2. Enter the story s link from which you want to download
3. Click on the I am not a robot ๐Ÿค–
4. Page is redirected automatically when captcha solved
5. Click on vidoe than click on three dot and click on download button। 

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Before using any story saver, if you want not to show ads, then for that you can download a very good browser named Opera Browser. You can also install VPN in it which will directly hide your location in countries like USA and Africa. Transfers between countries, this means that you are in India but the other side will know that you are in America and you get a very good feature of Opera browser, you can remove the excessive ads shown on any site. With the help of blocking, you can close it in one click, which is very beneficial for the user experience, so if you also want to run ad free sites, then definitely download Opera browser.

Hope you are able to download all the photos and videos of Instagram with this trick of ours. If you liked this blog, then do share our blog with your friends on WhatsApp or Facebook and do follow our blog. Click here so that you stay connected with us and we keep giving you such tips and tricks. If you face any problem according to this blog, then please tell us in the comment below, we will definitely reply and will try our best to solve your problem. .

This blog is written by Dhanjee rider if you want to colibrate message me on Instagram

Last word

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