How to add HEART Click effect on Blogger website

Heart Click Effect: Adding Love to Your Website

Hello is today I will say how to add heart click effact on your blogger website

It is so easy method to implement the heart click affecting your blogger website by using a single script 

Once you've added this code to your website, you'll enable the heart click effect. Here are some benefits of incorporating this effect into your website:

Heart Click Effect script for your website

Benifits of using heart click effect on website 

This heart effect JavaScript code helps to billing aur provide heart shape effect during clicks on your website body text or any type of element which is looking so beautiful that user can experience more user friendly experience some benefit of adding heart click effect is. 

1. Emotional connection

2. Engagement

3. Visual appeal

4. Shareability: 

5. Personalization: 

How to add heart touching effect on website 

  1. Go to blogger dashboard
  2. Go to layout
  3. Click to add a gadget on Sidebar or footer
  4. Add a HTML javascript gadget and paste this code 
  5. Iff not you can paste this code above your close </body> tag 

Code for heart 💓 touching effect 

<script type='text/javascript'>
!function(e,t,a){function n(){c(".heart{width: 10px;height: 10px;position: fixed;background: #f00;transform: rotate(45deg);-webkit-transform: rotate(45deg);-moz-transform: rotate(45deg);}.heart:after,.heart:before{content: '';width: inherit;height: inherit;background: inherit;border-radius: 50%;-webkit-border-radius: 50%;-moz-border-radius: 50%;position: fixed;}.heart:after{top: -5px;}.heart:before{left: -5px;}"),o(),r()}function r(){for(var e=0;e<d.length;e++)d[e].alpha<=0?(t.body.removeChild(d[e].el),d.splice(e,1)):(d[e].y--,d[e].scale+=.004,d[e].alpha-=.013,d[e]"left:"+d[e].x+"px;top:"+d[e].y+"px;opacity:"+d[e].alpha+";transform:scale("+d[e].scale+","+d[e].scale+") rotate(45deg);background:"+d[e].color+";z-index:99999");requestAnimationFrame(r)}function o(){var t="function"==typeof e.onclick&&e.onclick;e.onclick=function(e){t&&t(),i(e)}}function i(e){var a=t.createElement("div");a.className="heart",d.push({el:a,x:e.clientX-5,y:e.clientY-5,scale:1,alpha:1,color:s()}),t.body.appendChild(a)}function c(e){var a=t.createElement("style");a.type="text/css";try{a.appendChild(t.createTextNode(e))}catch(t){a.styleSheet.cssText=e}t.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(a)}function s(){return"rgb("+~~(255*Math.random())+","+~~(255*Math.random())+","+~~(255*Math.random())+")"}var d=[];e.requestAnimationFrame=function(){return e.requestAnimationFrame||e.webkitRequestAnimationFrame||e.mozRequestAnimationFrame||e.oRequestAnimationFrame||e.msRequestAnimationFrame||function(e){setTimeout(e,1e3/60)}}(),n()}(window,document);

Last word

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