Grid category widget for blogger

Grid category widget for blogger

Grid box category widget

Hello guys today I have designed something new so now introducing the grid category widget that help to negivate and find your post easily this is designed by the use of html and css you need some codding knowledge to edit this iff not you can follow the customisation process to do easy to customise 

By the use of this category widget you can add your custom links to negivate user on your provided page link 

HTML CSS Codes for category widget 

code for jet theme user only

Download code file 🗃️

code for any other theme

Download codes


In this html code you need to do so me changes for adding in your website
First you need to chenge your page url with # and you can also chenge the IMAGE link based on your needs 
When you are customized these codes you meed to paste in layout upon head area
The best place to paste is above the first ad in your home page


So guys this a category widget for blogger that help to provide your all niche post in one page

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 Thank you : )  by DK TECHNOZONE 

Last word

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