20 amazing WhatsApp Tricks of WhatsApp

 20 amazing tricks you can use in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging apps globally with over 1.5 billion active users. It has a user-friendly interface and an array of features that make communication easier and more convenient. From voice and video calls to group chats and file sharing, WhatsApp has it all.

However, there are some hidden tricks that you may not know about that can enhance your WhatsApp experience. Here are 20 amazing tricks in WhatsApp that will change the way you use the app.

20 WhatsApp Tricks

Here is all WhatsApp tips and tricks for you

1. Pin your most important chats

To pin a chat, simply swipe left on the conversation and tap the pin icon.

2. Use WhatsApp Web

 WhatsApp Web allows you to use WhatsApp on your computer. Simply visit web

3. Dark mode

 WhatsApp recently introduced a dark mode feature that allows you to switch the app to a dark background. This feature can help reduce eye strain and improve battery life. To enable dark mode, go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Theme > select Dark.

4. Formatting text

You can format your text in WhatsApp by using simple syntax. For example, you can use asterisks (text) to make text bold and underscores (text) to make it italic.

5. Create short links

You can create short links for your WhatsApp chats by using the "wa.me" domain. For example, to share your WhatsApp number with someone, you can use the link wa.me/[your country code][your phone number].

6. Pin important chats

You can pin important chats to the top of your chat list by swiping right on the chat and tapping the pin icon. This will keep your most important chats at the top, making it easier to find them.

7. Mute group chats

If you're in a group chat that's getting too noisy, you can mute it to avoid getting notifications. To mute a group chat, tap and hold the chat > tap Mute > select the desired mute duration.

8. Star messages

If you want to keep a copy of an important message, you can star it. To star a message, tap and hold it > tap Star. The starred messages can be accessed by tapping the Star icon in the chat list.

9. Send multiple photos

 You can send multiple photos in one go by tapping the paperclip icon in the chat > selecting Photos > selecting the desired photos > tapping Send.

10. Send audio messages

You can send audio messages in WhatsApp by tapping and holding the microphone icon. The audio message will be recorded and sent once you release the button.

11. Delete sent messages

If you've sent a message that you regret, you can delete it. To delete a message, tap and hold it > tap Delete. You can delete messages for everyone or just for yourself.

12. Archive chats

 If you want to clear up your chat list, you can archive chats. To archive a chat, swipe left on the chat > tap Archive. The archived chats can be accessed by tapping the Archive icon in the chat list.

13. Block contacts

 If you want to stop someone from sending you messages, you can block them. To block a contact, go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts > tap Add Contact.

14. Read deleted messages

 If someone has deleted a message they sent to you, you can still read it by using third-party apps like WhatsApp Xtract.

15. Use WhatsApp Web

You can use WhatsApp on your computer by using the WhatsApp Web feature. To use WhatsApp Web, go to web.whatsapp.com on your computer and scan the QR code using your WhatsApp app.

16. Customize notifications

You can customize the notification tone and vibration pattern for WhatsApp. To customize notifications, go to WhatsApp Settings > Notifications > Custom Notifications.

17. Send live location

You can share your live location to find you if you have lost 🥲

18. Send view once pic to friends

If you want the chat partner cant see your sended photo again you can use view on before sending your your Image from the side of send button ✅

19. Chenge wallpepar on specific chat

You can chenge wallpepar for a specific person just tap on three don in chat then > wallpepar and choose your favourite picture to make beautiful chating with your friends 🤩

20. Most useful trick

The best trick to know our new amazing tricks subscribe our by putting your email in bottom box then you can get our leatust post notification on your mail instead 🤩


In this post i tryed to provide all tips of WhatsApp but iff you know exta features you can comment your tips 😎 , thanks 🤗

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