How To Incress Blogger Traffic in 24 Hour Latest Working Trick 2022

How To Incress Blogger Traffic in 24 Hour Latest Working Trick

Blogger Traffic Increase is as easy as it is difficult in today's time because, let me tell you, some of you will be such people who write excellent articles and share their blogs a lot. However, their blog does not get traffic because some people do not have an article index, then some people get indexed. Still, their article does not mean rank, so that traffic does not come from Google in their writing, so let's know what Google Organic Traffic is and how to increase traffic. If you want to read this article in Hindi, then you can read it by Clicking Here

How To Incress Blogger Traffic in 24 Hour Latest Working Trick 2022

1. Web stories For Google Organic Traffic

Web stories, whether someone's blog is new or old, it does not matter because I posted 6 Web stories on my second blog in just 12 days. More than 2,00,000 I have taken the traffic of my blog because how this traffic would have come so much, so let me tell you, I made a related web story from my old articles and then gave a link to that article in it so that people can visit my blog and read that article of mine. Used to do this Type, I did Traffic Increase in

2 Using Pinterest For Traffic

blog If someone takes traffic from Pinterest in your blog, then let me tell you that it is Google's Organic Traffic, like if someone has written an article on hair color and posted it on Pinterest with a link, then it will rank in Google. And if someone searches Best Hair Colors on Google and visits its article, then it will be Traffic Organic,

so let's know how you can increase traffic by creating traffic web stories in your blog, then let me tell you that one. You have to post the article, then create a web story related to it, then link that article to it, and publish the web store. Then, when you post 4 to 5 web stories, you will start getting traffic again.

3. Google News For Google Organic Traffic

Google News Publisher With the help of this, you can increase traffic to your blog, and also you can index all your articles in Google, then you must be thinking about how will traffic from Google News increase because nowadays, everyone knows the secret ways to increase their traffic. I do not tell because nowadays traffic is also taken from

Google News, if you take Approval of Google News, then it has an advantage that all your articles get indexed in Google, due to which you start getting traffic from Google. Then at the same time, you start getting traffic from Google's News section as well, so this is the first way to get organic traffic from Google.

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